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Welcome to

Frog & Toad

Child Care & Learning Center

"The place where children love to learn."



Our infant classrooms are highly geared toward meeting the needs of each individual child in a loving and gentle way. We work with families to ensure that they have the best transition into care. This room also serves as the introduction to exploring the world through their five senses.



Our toddler classrooms are full of activity and energy! Toddlers need space to move their bodies and learn how to navigate the world around them. Our teachers act as guides to facilitate safe exploration of the world – while beginning to build those foundational skills.



Our preschool classrooms are focused heavy on child-centered curriculum that delves into the world of academics, while fostering a sense of self and community. Children begin to explore the world beyond themselves, while still being able to connect their experiences to their learning.



Our PreK classroom focuses more on preparing children to enter Kindergarten, fostering a love of learning and strong independence skills. We work to implement curriculum that honors each child’s individual needs, while also honoring their needs to play and explore their surroundings.

Our Approach

At Frog & Toad, we use a child-centered approach to curriculum. We engage the students in curriculum topics they are interested in, while still broadening their academic foundation. We aim to educate the whole child, with a focus on social-emotional development, as well as helping to facilitate learning that is developmentally appropriate and highly engaging.

What Parents Think

I can remember the first day my son went to daycare with Frog and Toad; I was so lonely without him. But his teachers helped him and I both transition to him staying and me leaving and were so compassionate. Fast forward four years later he is still at Frog and Toad and surrounded by the same caring faces that love him so much. The dedication, consistency and support our family has received has helped us to raise a thoughtful, playful and curious child. 

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