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Frog & Toad Essex Junction

Child-Centered Environments



Join Melana as she welcomes your family into the Infant Classroom! Melana will take great care to provide an individualized experience for your family.  This classroom is where your infant will experience both sensory and gross motor play to help them develop their motor skills!

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Join Natalie as she welcomes your child into the Mobile Infant Classroom! This classroom serves children from one to two years old. There are many sensory experiences built into the curriculum that will help to connect your child's learning to their experiences outside the classroom! There is also a focus on expanding their gross motor abilities as well as their speech and language development.

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Mobile Infants



Join Steph as she welcomes you into the Toddler Classroom! This classroom serves children from two to three years old! The curriculum has a large focus on expanding their expressive vocabulary, teaching skills of independence, as well as fostering an early sense of community! Students in this classroom are introduced to early inquiry skills through the exploration of their surroundings.

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Join Carrie as she welcomes your child into the Preschool Classroom! This classroom serves children from three to four years old.  Students are introduced to early academic skills in the areas of math, literacy, science, engineering, social/emotional development, and the arts. The curriculum is very child-centered, allowing the children to explore their interests while being guided in their early academic endeavors. This classroom serves to foster an early love of learning that is individualized and highly engaging. 

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Join Cassi as she welcomes your child in the PreK Classroom! This classroom serves children that are four and five years old - that will be transitioning to Kindergarten the following year. The curriculum strikes the ultimate balance of honoring the children's wants and needs while beginning to prepare them for their academic career in Kindergarten. The focus continues to be child-centered with Cassi to guide their learning in math, literacy, science exploration, engineering concepts, social/emotional development and the arts.

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