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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands


At Frog & Toad our philosophy is that each child is an individual, with individual needs, preferences, feelings, and learning styles.  Likewise, we believe that each family has its own uniqueness.  Our school is designed to provide outstanding care to all children and families.  We do this by altering our teaching styles to reach each child, by communicating with families about their child and family each and every day, by fully understanding early childhood development, and by genuinely caring about the success of each individual and family with whom we work.  

Health & Safety

We value the health and safety of all our students and staff at Frog & Toad. During this time especially, we have adopted the strict guidelines set forth by the State of Vermont Department of Health in order to ensure that our students and staff are well-protected.


The uniqueness of each child and family is especially evident during times of crisis (such as a pandemic), but our mission remains the same.  We will work diligently to ensure the success of each child and family.  We recognize that success can take many forms, and during challenging times, our focus will be on the mental and physical health and well-being of each child and family in our care.



Curriculum & Assessment

Every child is on their own unique developmental journey.  At Frog&Toad Child Care&Learning Center, LLC we support that individual journey by consistently developing curriculum that is appropriately challenging, based in developmental standards, and of the children's interests.

The Vermont Early Learning Standards provide the framework for our teachers to develop the most well-rounded educational experience possible for our students.  Additionally, teachers develop curriculum utilizing their own unique teaching expertise, the interest of their students, and the Creative Curriculum platform.

Creative Curriculum is a series of curriculums designed by Teaching Strategies that are specifically meant to meet the educational needs of children at all stages of their development.  Teachers can use as much or as little of the platform as they like.  They can also alter activities to better suit the students in their classroom.

Additionally, the teachers of Frog&Toad perform regular assessments on the learning and growth advancements of all of our students.  This is done by performing the ASQ (an assessment tool that many families complete at their child's pediatrician visits) twice each year as well as the Checkpoints Assessment through Teaching Strategies Gold (this is an assessment focused on educational milestones, and is in alignment with the Vermont Agency of Education requirements).

Both the Creative Curriculum platform, and the Teaching Strategies Gold assessments "talk" to one another; which streamlines our curriculum, assessment, and portfolio process.  In short, communicating effectively with families about the growth and development of their child is thorough and comprehensive.

Playing in Nursery

Frog&Toad values it's teachers!

Children and Teacher in Kindergarten

At Frog&Toad we take the time to honor our staff in a multitude of different ways, but one of our favorite methods is give them some public recognition for their efforts and dedication to the field of Early Care and Education!  Here, as well as in our programs, you will see prominent displays of the Teacher of the Month as well as the Honorable Mention.  

This month Frog&Toad is honoring its Program Directors!  These talented women have been of excellent service to the field of Early Education for over a combined 30 years!  The majority of these combined years have been spent being of service to the children and families of Frog&Toad, and we couldn't be more grateful for all that they do to make our schools the amazing places that they are!


Both Riley and Erin began with Frog&Toad as classroom teachers.  Erin with preschool, and Riley with mobile infants.  Over the years, they have both demonstrated a true commitment to their profession, a genuine desire to understand the business aspects of how Frog&Toad operates, a strong desire to build positive work climates, and a true desire to grow themselves as teachers and leaders.


The work of an Early Education Program Director is not for the faint of heart.  Not only are they responsible for assisting the Executive Director with the business function of the program, but often they are the bridge between families and the Executive Director.  They are also the one who staff turn to first with questions of all sorts.  Additionally, they are responsible for maintaining the high-quality standards that the community has come to expect of our schools!  And on days when they are really lucky, they get to spend the day in the classroom working directly with children, modeling skills for new/upcoming teachers/, observing/assessing classroom environments, and things of this nature.


Riley and Erin are both extraordinarily kind and accepting of all the different families that Frog&Toad serves, and the wide variety of teachers that we employ.  They are skilled in working through challenges, celebrating differences, and embracing new ways of thinking.  Their continued growth in the field has only meant that they are better suited to guide the teachings and practices of Frog&Toad.


It is clear, that enough good things cannot be said to celebrate all that these two extraordinary women bring to our schools.  Grateful is not strong enough a word to describe our deep appreciation for all that they have and continue to contribute to our overall growth, success, and happiness at school!

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