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Executive Director

Tiffany Corbett

Executive Director & Owner

After being a Nationally Accredited home care provider for several years, and the county coordinator for a network of other care providers, Tiffany purchased Frog&Toad in 2005.  In the coming years she expanded the program in order to be of better service to the families of Chittenden County.  Both locations have since become pillars of their respective communities.  Tiffany is a Vermont licensed Early Childhood Educator, teaches higher education courses from time to time, holds a Master's Degree in Leadership, Social Issues, and Public Policy, and will soon add a degree in business to her educational achievements.  

Support Staff

Our support staff come to us from a wide variety of avenues.  Several of them are currently enrolled in the Apprenticeship Program, and have aspirations to become lead teachers.  Others have backgrounds outside of education, but have a passion for serving children and families.  All of Frog&Toad support staff share a common desire to promote Frog&Toad in our communities as a leader in quality care and early education.  They work tirelessly to ensure that each family's uniqueness is celebrated, and we could not do this important work without them!

Painted Heart
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